Elder Law Planning

Affectionate elderly man and woman looking at camera

Americans work hard their entire lives to accumulate enough assets to live well in their senior years and to pass a legacy on to their loved ones. Proper Elder Law Planning is important to make those goals reality. Here are some facts that illustrate this point.

  • Nursing care costs roughly $6,000.00 a month in Arkansas.
  • Assisted Living costs between $3,500.00 and $4,500 a month in Arkansas.
  • To qualify for Medicaid, you have to spend down all of your assets until reach $2,000.00 as an individual or $3,000.00 as a couple.
  • There are legal and ethical ways to keep from going broke simply because you got old or sick.
  • We focus on the kind of planning that protect your life’s work while still insuring that you have the best possible care.