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The David Davies Legal Team

A message from David Davies

I am thankful that I get to serve selfless clients. Most attorneys who practice in other areas of the law could only dream of working with clients who are motivated not by their own greed and self interest, but by a deep concern for the people that they love.

It has been my experience that most people:

  1. Seek out an Estate Planning Attorney because they want to ensure that their family, their friends and the causes that they hold dear continue to be cared for after they are gone.
  2. Seek out an Elder Law Attorney because they want to ensure that their parents or other loved ones receive the best possible care and comfort at a time when they can no longer provide those things for themselves.

Virtually every member of our society will find themselves in at least one of these two situations in their lifetimes. While the selflessness of my clients make them easy to deal with, the problems that they face are anything but easy. Planning for the future of your family after your death is a difficult and often unsettling process. Likewise, dealing with the declining health and autonomy of a parent or other loved one and trying to figure out how to pay for their care is incredibly stressful and can place a severe strain on everyone involved. These issues often create cracks in families that can last for lifetimes. I consider it my responsibility to create estate planning and elder care solutions that not only protect my clients’ assets and provide for their comfort and care, but also bring families together in life and help them stay together as they deal with death.

Choosing an Attorney

Choosing an attorney really comes down to questions of trust:

  • Can I trust that he cares about me and my family?
  • Can I trust that he will do what is in my family’s best interests?
  • Can I trust that he will represent me with integrity and compassion?
  • Can I trust that he knows what he is doing?

I have developed the content on this website to help you become comfortable with the answers to these questions. I understand that a website can only start the process of developing the trust necessary for us to work together to find a solution to your particular need, but it’s a good first step. I invite you to look around, read the information provided that looks interesting, and please, by all means, call us or email us if you have any questions. I am certain that you have come to this site because you recognize the need to be proactive in helping yourself or a loved one. Let me encourage you to act on that impulse. Whether you choose me to be your attorney or some other qualified lawyer – please follow through with the impulse to solve the estate planning or elder law problems that led you to this search. I’ll guarantee that you will have a lot more peace when you have finished the process than you have now. Not many attorneys get to spend their days creating peace – I am thankful that I do.


David Davies