Welcome to The Law Offices of David Davies, PLLC

A message from David Davies

I am thankful that I get to serve selfless clients. Most attorneys who practice in other areas of the law could only dream of working with clients who are motivated not by their own greed and self interest, but by a deep concern for the people that they love.

It has been my experience that most people seek out:

An Estate Planning Attorney because they want to ensure that their family, their life’s work, and the causes that they hold dear continue to be cared for after they are gone.

An Elder Law Attorney because they want to ensure that their parents or other loved ones receive the best possible care and comfort at a time when they can no longer provide those things for themselves.

A Business Attorney because they want to avoid conflicts, grievances, government action, or unnecessary litigation. And, they want smooth partnerships, healthy relationships with their employees, the ability to acquire assets, raise capital, avoid unnecessary taxation, and, generally, create an optimum business environment.

An Accredited Veteran’s Attorney because they need assistance navigating the waters of the Veterans Administration. Our goal is to assist our men and and women who served with that navigation.

Virtually every member of our society will find themselves in at least one of these four situations in their lifetimes. Therefore, it is our goal to turn these often complex problems into manageable solutions.

A Final Thought

Any of these issues, if improperly handled, can separate loved ones and create resentment and bitterness for generations. Unfortunately, most of us have seen the harmful effects of “bad planning” or “failure to plan.” I believe that I have two equally important goals for my clients:

1) to create solutions that protect my clients’ assets, businesses, well being, and families;

2) to bring families together in life and help them stay together as they deal with death.